Behind The Stage Lights

“Behind The Stage Lights”

Ray An on Rebuilding Relationships

(Feb. 2010)


“I was a very proud individual,” Ray An Fuentes, formerly working in show-business, starts talking about himself in our interview – “I wanted all the glory for myself. Instead of making an effort to humble myself before God, I was humbled by God.” He then reiterates

his own tirade of being humbled. He knew that no amount of fame and satisfaction, nor riches – could ever satisfy him. Only God hits center stage.

Ray An then opens his own story book as the interview flaps forward. So how’s Ray An as a husband and a father? “I’ve failed so much as a husband and a father,” Ray An poses an answer, “only because I don’t know then what I knew now. It’s the sad thing about knowing things late in life because you cannot redeem whatever mistakes you’ve done in the past. But God is gracious, and I’ve been married close to 31 years and my wife still loves me… my children love me, I was never really the best model of a father for them, because I was always out… but the one thing I’m grateful for is that God still knows how to take good care of His own.” What about rebuilding broken relationships? Without a pause, Ray An machine guns – “It’s very, very difficult to rebuild broken relationships. It really takes a lot of God’s grace because even of you try to rebuild a relationship – the other party may not be willing to. But it’s still a mandate on us to make every effort to rebuild a relationship. (R.A Sighs) The number one reason why relationships are broken is that the trust is broken. Like in my case, I wasn’t faithful to my wife. And my wife has all the right to leave me,but by God’s grace – she remained.”

Show business or non-showbiz: it’s true that rebuilding broken relationships is difficult. When the lights are turned off and the stage curtains are closed, actors and stars can agree that true relationships are never just a superficial role to play. There’s really no difference in handling relationships whether you’re a T.V personality, or if you’re just a bathroom singer – we’re all on the same boat. What makes all the difference is how a friend puts it. When asked about the T-Net question: “what does it take to build a good relationship?”she raises her eyebrows and answers: “Well, we can’t. Only God can do that.” Yep. Only God is good. And when He is the foundation and the destination of a relationship, can that relationship be only called “good”. For Ray An, it is only by the grace of God that the people defining his relationships remain.


Ray An is famous for his song “Umagang Kay Ganda”.


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