Profile Pic Life

“Profile Pic Life”


The Vanity Fair

Twister = Vain

Twister = Vain


Is your Profile Pic good enough?


Edward G Bulwer-Lytton was forthright – “There is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth” 


I don’t exactly know where vanity came from but I can agree to the simple fact that i am vain.


and so is Lyndon. Too much words written here will make me more vain than humble; more self-promoting and self-serving than sacrificially serving others; more ME than GOD. What exactly is vanity? Is it the simple posting of pictures to merely gratify the self and so, in Facebook, publish a statue of the self in pixelated marble-carvings so that others can click the virtual “like”? Get a load of this –

What’s the point of being liked at all? Will it really boost the ‘self’ and the confidence it needs to face the world? “Do you like my pic?” We love the “yes!” But if people will say NO, we get so depressed and feel like the entire world rushing down to bury us to hell.


I’m studying and somehow, in minute ways, practicing psychology. We psychology students love to delve into topics like “personality development” and self-boosting dynamics. I’m not enemy to it. In fact, i like to promote people knowing more about themselves. But knowing the self is not very well related to “what others see you especially when you post a picture half-naked in a beach-thong.”

Knowing the real self is not ‘known’ primarily through what others describe you in profile pix and vain conceit. The self will only be known in line with what is true. The TRUTH is always the main source of who we truly are. Jane Austen was simple – vanity is our deep concern “to what we would have others think of us.” But what others think is not always the truth. And if it is not the truth, then we keep on chasing after the wind.Vanity is catching the wind with the loose nets of selfishness.


I placed some of my vain pics here (.0054% from my Vanity Album), because the best person that I could ever think of as vain is my self. I don’t know how you see me, but somehow, i see me as a wind-chaser – placing pictures as profiles (choosing of course the good pictures) because i am so concerned with how others see me.


But pictures alone will not tell us who we really are. Even pictures lie.


See our world today… we live by profile pics and vain conceit… we live by the comments of others… we live by good looks and cute posts… we live by lies after lies after lies…


It’s not bad to put profile pics that are as amazing as mine (ooooh-lala! haha) But somehow, the motives should be clear: let us not live by these. We are not our profile pics. We are God’s. May we not forget this truth. Period.


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