Wonderful, Terrible Cross

In the cross, the terrible is made wonderful.


Image by Twister

Cross Chronicles

Wonderful, Terrible Cross

When I survey the wondrous cross, on which the Prince of Glory died…” and so starts our favorite song entitled ‘Wonderful Cross’. (Try searching YOUTUBE and listen to it) In fact, the song itself starts with the realization that the cross is ‘wondrous’. But the next lines are quite another picture: it is where Jesus died. It is good to sing ‘the wonderful cross.’ But it is better to know the real score why the cross is so wonderful.

While writing this, mushrooming stories of ‘death’ come out of nowhere. Two of my friends’ mother died just last month. While you are reading this write-up, the burial of my mentor’s beloved nephew (stabbed by gang members) has proceeded. In fact, one of our beloved family members here in Ikthus, tito Nonong Alcala has just passed away days before this write-up is published. We grieve for…

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