Romance 12:9






HANDS_CHAINED [Image Source:]

[Image Source:

I can smell the blood, like streams of unknown substances oozing down the slopes of my right face. It gushed like hot liquid fingering through my entire being. The blood was thick yet bearable; harmless yet frightening. As i slowly immersed my vision into the vast darkness – the black apertures enlarge as a balloon… It might be pricked by tiny pins of light anytime soon. One thing was certain. I sensed something sinister watching me. It was the enemy with his red eyes, sleuthing my inhaling and exhaling; my struggle to unchain my weak body from that which constricts it; my silent pleas and my hidden fears were all coated with the naivete candor of false courage. I am very afraid. Sooner or later this darkness will be my guiding light and my shaking bravery will be my broken scimitar. “Get me out of here!” I pleaded. And pleaded all the more. “Please!” My thundering voice was romancing the darkness around me, and my whispering fears were tearing it all apart. I pleaded again and again, but no one came to my rescue. I feel the muscles of my soul slowly giving way to gravity. I feel so tired yet this is the very chapter of my life where i needed all the strength i could sponge out of my motivations. I feel so jaded, and so lonely. Being all alone, however, here in this piercing darkness seemed like a large marketplace full of strangers. Eyes are everywhere. And I am naked. And chained. All my fears are weighing me down. All my fears are against me. I needed to save my own self… from my own hands.


And I shudder with all the bones of my spirit because i know, those eyes are the eyes of truth… I am Love – and i am chained by my own lies and hypocrisy…



Please, rescue me…


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