The Agony of the Firework

“I miss God so much,” he said. Those five words were heavy. Each word was pregnant with ellipses and exclamation points.

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The ground, breaking; buildings collapsing; tsunami roaring; and not to mention the Nuclear power plant erupting – creating a chemical havoc on the biosphere all around that radius from that point on the globe. The global technological wizard is no match against nature’s siren. Scientists declare that it was the fifth-largest earthquake in the world. However, it was not a battle of rankings. For the Japanese, they experienced a fraction of hell’s quaking for less than three minutes. Global shifts occurred. But soon enough, we ask the question “why”. And we search for answers beneath the tectonic plates of prayer. How can we ever pray“give us this day our daily bread” when the battle is not about loaf but of life?

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